Care Plans


A website care plan optimized for peace of mind - to free you up to focus on your business
$ 79 per month

Care + Hosting

Care plus high performance hosting - to keep up with the competition
$ 99 per month
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Care + Hosting + Growth

Care, hosting, and data-driven optimization - proven insights to grow your business
$ 599 per month

Care Standard Features

Plugin and Software Updates

Out-of-date plugins and software is the greatest contributor to WordPress site hacks. Plugin conflicts and failed updates also lead to sites breaking. We keep your plugins and software up-to-date, test all updates, and make informed decisions about when to update to avoid conflicts and reduce the risk of security vulnerabilities.

Responsive Support Specific to your Website

We believe the key to quick and effective support for your website is intimate understanding of your site and the tools used to build it coupled with strong communication. We're available to you during business hours and anytime for emergencies.

Performance Optimizations

We optimize your site for performance including images, caching, file loading, and more to ensure your site is as fast as it can be.

Daily Backups

We backup your website daily and keep backups for weeks so if something goes wrong on your site there is always the option to restore.

Security Monitoring

We monitor and mitigate security events to reduce the risk of a full-on hack. In the unlikely event of a hack, we identify it quickly so that it can be resolved before your users are impacted.

Malware Cleanup Guarantee

In the unlikely event that your site is hacked, we guarantee quick and effective malware removal - a service that normally costs hundreds of dollars and is often not done correctly.

Monthly Reporting

You'll receive monthly reports detailing traffic, performance, security, uptime, and the changes made on your site, so you're always up-to-speed with how your site is working for you.

Quarterly Website Review & Consulting

We'll meet with you on a quarterly basis to review your website strategy, present opportunities for growth, address areas of friction, and make sure you're tracking with your online goals. We're also available for strategy consulting anytime - 30 minutes free/month.

Easy On-Page SEO

We provide premium tools for on-page SEO that are easy and intuitive to use. You don't have to do extra work to ensure all the content you post on your website is working its hardest for you.

Technical SEO Foundation

We ensure your site is structured with technical SEO best practice basics including properly configured schema, site map, robots.txt. You don't have to worry that your site is suffering in search engine rankings due to an avoidable error.

Hosting Standard Features

Security by Design

Our hosting infrastructure is designed for security with a managed application firewall, server firewall, WordPress configured for security, and preemptive monitoring and remediation of events. This gets you out of the world of WordPress security plugins, which are often klunky, expensive, and insufficient.

Fully Managed Hosting

We take care of all server-related maintenance to keep your site up and performing optimally. We monitor performance and tune things based on usage patterns. Since we also support your website, the hosting support we provide is specific to your site's configuration, tools and needs.

Super-Fast Server

High-frequency server with custom managed software and OS stack for high performance. Our base package is perfect for a small to medium sized local business with moderate traffic.

Premium Plugin and Theme Access

You get free access to our suite of premium and pro themes, plugins, and tools for your site. These include themes, design tools, post management, SEO, custom fields, member login, promotion and more. Value of over $700/year.

Easy Migration

We'll migrate your site to our hosting from your existing host. If you ever need to switch plans within our hosting we'll take care of those migrations. Finally, if you ever choose to move away, we'll help you to migrate as well.

Incremental Backups

Your site is backed up daily. Twice. Incremental offsite backups and onsite backups for quick change recovery scenarios. We run restore tests above industry enterprise standard. You can rest assured that no matter the circumstance, your content is safe and ready-to-go.

Capacity Management

We manage the capacity of your site's needs daily to ensure you're never caught by surprise. If in the future you need more or less capacity, you can scale up or down with no change fee.

Staging and Change Protection Environments

We include a staging site for mocking up new additions to your live site. We also include a change protection version of your site that can be used for testing changes to ensure they are made successfully and smoothly.

Data-Driven Growth Consulting

Get more traffic, leads and sales with our flagship service.

We set up event-level goal-driven analytics, define your funnel, map your customer journey, and create you a system that will consistently feed you actionable, impactful insights for optimizing your website to better convert leads into customers. We consult with you along the way to help build lasting and effective strategies for continued growth.

Lead Generation Add-On

Generate more leads for your business by getting your SEO essentials in order. Our service includes search engine configuration, social media initialization, content plan for domain authority, problem management, and more.

Conversational Marketing Add-On

Stop losing hot leads because the phone isn't answered. Our conversational marketing services include chatbot, calendar booking, and live chat built directly into your website to give your leads a frictionless experience when you're busy.

Premium Forms and Orders Add-On

Create forms that appear simple and easy-to-use to users, but that have powerful logic and conditions behind them. Conditionally displayed fields, calculations based on previous inputs, and posts to other services to name a few.

Email Marketing Add-On

Improve your email marketing efforts with our email marketing service. We'll help you establish a list building and nurturing plan and KPIs. We'll guide you in implementing that plan, maintaining your lists, and automating workflows.

Email Deliverability Add-On

1 in 6 emails don't make it to the inbox. Our email deliverability service will give your emails the best chance to reach inboxes, while also preventing spammers from sending emails that look like they're coming from your domain.

Tailored Client Support Portal Add-On

Give your clients a dedicated, private client portal where you can share personalized content and give them excellent service. This is great for guiding your customers through a specific process or project that you've designed.

Need Help Deciding?


Absolutely! We can switch you anytime you’d like at the end of the current billing cycle.

All support is provided directly by Panatda and Clay, the founding developers of PNW Design Consulting. We’re hands on and love to help.

You always have full admin access to your website and if you want to cancel we will help you move on anytime. We believe you should always have the right to choose who you work with.

We do provide discounts for multiple sites! If you have more than one site you’re looking for a care plan for, let us know!

If you aren’t satisfied, you can cancel anytime and we will happily help you move to another service that is a better fit.

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