Our Vision
You may ask yourself…
Why does the world need another web design agency?
Because the average small business has a web design problem, and we’ve seen it firsthand…
The Problem

Raise your hand if you’ve had a negative experience with a web designer or IT consultant. ✋

In our experience, most small businesses have.

From flakiness to well-meaning but costly incompetence, to questionable tactics like secretly outsourcing or over-charging for simple tasks, the stories vary in scope and severity. Many scarred small business owners have learned the hard way – a skilled and reputable web designer is invaluable to growing the business and avoiding website nightmares that can take months to years to fully recover from.

Having seen it firsthand, we wanted to start a web design company laser-focused on addressing this problem. So we began seeking out like-minded web designers, working and learning closely with them, and formulating our company goal…

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Our Goal
To empower small businesses to grow online


& on their own terms
with websites that are:


& fully-automated
How'd we get here? Let's take you back to where it all started...
Our Story
Meet Panatda
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It all started with Panatda, founder and lead developer at PNW Design Consulting. A superstar developer and proud mother of 2 dogs and a cat, who grills a mean steak (charcoal please!), Panatda has traveled all over the world, living primarily in San Francisco and Seattle.
Working as a software developer in Seattle, Panatda grew disillusioned with her tech agency’s tendency to rush from client to client, cutting corners on projects and pressuring devs to leave code untested to move on to the next project.
She wondered what it would look like for a web design company to put the client’s needs above profits. Could the better business decision be to listen and empower the client to succeed? With a healthy dose of entrepreneurial spirit, Panatda set out to start her own company…
Catalyst for Growth
A web designer you can trust
Our Story (cont.)
Meet Clay
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A short time later, enter Clay, now partner and web designer at PNW. A small business advocate and self-proclaimed bagel connoisseur (don’t get him started on what makes the perfect bagel!) from North Carolina, Clay has spent his career in Seattle at tech startups developing software for small businesses.
Working closely with small business clients, Clay developed an appreciation for the immense challenge a small business owner faces navigating the ever-evolving ecosystem of web platforms and tools in a world that demands an online presence for growth, all while somehow saving time for that little other thing… their own clients.
He began connecting with other web designers with similar goals, exploring how best to provide value to small businesses…
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The rest was history!

As I’m sure you’ve already guessed when Panatda and Clay met, their visions aligned and the rest is history. Together they form the core from which the PNW Design Consulting team grows!

We’re not the only reputable web designers out there that share the values of transparency, honesty, open communication, and client-focus (we’ve met many great folks who’ve helped us tremendously along the way!). But by our math there are still far too few. And far too many horror stories. Join us and help to change that today.

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With our goal in mind, we offer the following services:

 You should have a website that’s designed to tell your story and achieve your goals. We listen closely to your vision to design a website that is true to your business while infusing our expertise in performance, maintainability, and UX best practices to ensure your clients always interact with the best you.

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There are so many great cloud software platforms that can give small businesses an edge these days. We can help you make sense of them, and make sure your tools and website are smartly connected to maximize the value you get out of them, so you have more time to focus on your business.

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Your website should be easily discoverable for those that would benefit from your products and services. SEO isn’t an overnight operation, but we can help you develop and execute a plan for building a long-lasting standing in search rankings that will help you reach more clients for years to come.

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You shouldn’t have to worry about whether your website will survive the night. We offer care plans that keep your site fast, safe, and ready to grow with your business so that you can have some peace of mind. Now accepting pre-existing websites!


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